Butterfly Effect Aerial Yoga

One of our very first clients 😍 and we cranked this bad boy out in less than 2 weeks because we were honestly just so excited! And, this client needed this website asap, as she was losing potential business and clients on her old website as they were struggling to book classes. So, when you add up desire and mix it with need, you get fast, and if we do say so ourselves, amazing results. She is a one-of-a-kind boutique fitness studio and we really displayed her unique brand (smoky, dark, quirky, with a little pop of color) while building a functional booking platform and highlighting her efforts towards community building and engagement. 

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Heal with Alchemy

This gorgeous website was an incredibly amazing experience for us as we love nothing more than working with entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and small business owners who are simply trying to get their gifts out into the world, so all can benefit. From start to finish, this project was inspiring and motivational for us, and healing in a way. Heal with Alchemy is a Shamanic Healer and we were so honored to build out her website,  with her specific vision and dream shining through. Another quick turn-about, we delivered a completely new website, with branding, in 4 weeks. Just in time for a special launch for her community and now her branding is cohesive across all platforms, making it easy for her people to find,  know, and work with her. 

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Satan's Little Helper

Ummmm. We can't even with this one because this project just filled our hearts up with So. Much. Damn. Joy. Because it was full-on Christmas time (in October) when we created this little beauty for a client of ours. And it's such genius too! This client is incredibly crafty (read: she can make anything from anything. Purses, wallets, blankets, clothes, dining room tables, wooden signs ... we could go on, the list is endless). And as the holidays were approaching, she couldn't field all the requests from peeps who wanted her to make items for themselves and loved ones. Krista definitely got in on this action too! The magnificent resolution? A quick, little landing page where all interested customers could fill out a form, letting her know what they wanted crafted, with all the deets. Satan's Little Helper, indeed. (BTW, did you know that 8 letters out of 10 written to "Santa", are actually written to "Satan"). Yup. Better double check what you are asking for this year, and from whom!!

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When we say that we can work with any industry, we really mean it! Another one of our earlier clients, this was a fun project with a 48 hour turn-around (yes, we are magical creatures who do well under pressure, just feed us every once in awhile). This client sells collectibles through Etsy (action figures, toys, cards - a true nerd for our hearts) and needed a landing page to showcase his products in a more aesthetically pleasing way. And to more easily share his love for all-things collectable. We like to think we delivered, so much so, that we almost took a few action figures in trade, that's how much we loved this quick project. 

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