We are so excited you are here, finding us in the ocean of the digital world! We are 2 friends, colleagues, and creative marketing nerds who love nothing more than delivering a quality website, producing entire podcasts with glitter-bombs and confetti, offering amaze-ball social media management, and tinkering in a few other areas πŸ˜‰ - gotta keep reading to learn more. We work with unique individuals across the globe, providing a quick turn-around (we are speedy. Like Gonzales.) and most importantly, have offerings that are affordable for everyone. Supporting your journey, whatever that may be, is what we live for. And we can provide the digital face of what you want to achieve. Join us and let the magic begin! 

Nina + Krista

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Social Media Management

ViP Days & template customization

Podcast Production

Copywriting & Graphic Design

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Is it Christmas, yet?? If not, it should be because Christmas is my all-time, most favorite time of the year. That, and hot chocolate, make my soul sing. If I didn't need to buy groceries for my family, I would accept hot chocolate gift cards as payment (are those a thing?). I'm the tech and design brain behind the entire operation. (Krista said it was cool to say that). But really, I love nothing more than digging into all things designyyy and techeee. I throw myself down the YouTube rabbit hole if I need to research, but I also can do legit research -- as proof, I'm currently working on my Ph.D In something really cool. I'll tell you if you decide to work with us πŸ˜‰ I am super crafty, have a tiny obsession with the container store, and can gargle the entire Star Wars theme. 

Nerds rule.

Hi lovebugs!

Yes, I'm annoyingly affectionate and my love language is touch (I'm virtually hugging you) and gifts. Feel free to send me small items of joy and delight. My first career was in study abroad, working in both private and public institutions and organizations -- which means that I can chat up any room I walk into. That's also courtesy of a Masters Degree in an essentially useless degree. Truth. I'm onto my second career in the marketing and digital world, and I am also a certified yoga instructor & Reiki practitioner which means I'll probably bring the woo to every meeting we have, but you'll love it. I promise. I do a little of the tech here at Noel Estelle, a lot of the copy, and really cozy up to the front-end of business development, client hugging, and overall team and client happiness. 

Off to embrace a tree.

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If you've made it this far, go grab a cookie. Seriously. And then if you are feeling like you want to learn more or chat with us in person (aka: Zoom most likely), then drop us a line that way πŸ‘‰and you'll hear from us within the next 24 hours.

And to be honest, we'll be so excited to grab a latte and chat with you! We are passionate about helping others along their journey, and if this is a piece you are missing out of your puzzle, we would be honored to work with you. See you on the other side!

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